Ellie is a young Border Collie who frequents Osprey Links. She likes to chase the Canada Geese off the golf course which is a welcomed task as the golfers do not enjoy dodging goose droppings. Ellie is a very happy dog who always has something trailing from her mouth and in this case you can see it’s a leaf. Her pleasant demeanour and friendly eyes are evident in this fall settling.



This composition is a reminder of our Grand European Riverboat Cruise and our opportunity to enjoy a classical Viennese concert while touring Vienna. Keeping the white of the paper for the cello strings required very careful strokes. Paying attention to the light and the shadows cast, helped to produce three dimensional results. I think I was able to capture the rich wood and belly of the cello. Vienna was one of our favourite stops along the Danube.


I enjoyed sitting on this dock during a sunny afternoon catching up with a childhood friend whose home is located directly across from this view. There is a lot of detail in this painting and getting in the reflections without losing the effect of water was challenging. The light cast on the chairs and water draws the eye towards the dock. I am pleased that this piece will find a spot somewhere in her home. I am also proud to add that this painting earned a red ribbon at our annual Art Show.


This painting was inspired by a picture I viewed while on vacation in the Baja, California. I was drawn by the simplicity of this drawing and the mood it portrays. The tattered leather patches on the poncho are highlighted with a bit of heavy stitching. I opted filling in the dark background with a textured finish by using salt on the wet paint. The original artist is unknown. This is the first piece I completed during the 2018/2019 winter season.


This is the signature hole (#11) at Osprey Links where we enjoy golfing.  A tiny flag in the background flies over hole #15. This subject was an attempt at brushing foliage in a much looser style. It encourages the artist to be aggressive when applying the paint to the paper. I enjoyed this project and was pleased with the finished painting.


King’s Point is a town on the north shore of the southwest arm of Green Bay in Newfoundland and Labrador. The vibrant fishing stage seen here is mirrored in the calmness of the ocean and our friend, who grew up close-by, could not resist capturing the early morning stillness on camera while on a return visit to the area. The subtle/pale color of the mountain suggests a far off distance. A lot of detail was applied to capture the pebbly ocean bank and coastal meadow. I used an exacto blade to pick up the paint in the grass to suggest tiny white flowers. I was pleased with the peaceful ambience this watercolour painting portrays.


Umbria is a region in Italy that is known for its medieval hillside villages with narrow, rolling cobblestone streets, alleyways and walls of fresh blooms. The reference for this project was provided by a fellow painter’s relative vacationing in the area. This was an exercise in perspective and establishing the slope/slant of the alleyway. I think the painting portrays the relaxed lifestyle that this local couple enjoys.