This painting was inspired by a photo taken of this large parrot perched in a bird sanctuary in Thailand. The colours in this setting were ideal for a watercolour rendition and the striking plumage remained prominent in the busy composition.  This completes another “snowbird season” of painting in Florida.EC17F0DC-9D91-4010-9B99-0902D29F6B42


This was my second portrait and I enjoyed the challenge of capturing softness in the painting. Ghislaine was a loving mother to a very good friend. She passed away at the age of 90 having lived a full life, always caring for others first. Her daughter commissioned this painting of her in her 74th year at a family gathering. It is how she wants to remember her…smiling warmly because she is surrounded by family.SKM_C224e20010610571


This is a watercolour I produced for use in my digital Christmas Card for 2019. The original was the size of a greeting card and I enjoyed painting it. It entailed lifting the paint along the edges to emphasize the highlights. It moved me into the Christmas Spirit!


This is my first attempt at a watercolour portrait. I think I was successful in portraying George’s friendly personality and pleasant mannerism. As well as getting the eyes just right, paying attention to shadows determine overall expression. I recommend starting with the eyes first because it’s key to a satisfied painting.

img_1128This is the latest addition to my work which I painted over the summer. I was able to capture this dog’s kind and loyal attention while giving her a relaxed appearance. Bella loved to spend most evenings with our Golf Pro and his family which was just next door. She loved a walk and the golf course was her favourite spot. If she had a ball, she had all she needed. Unfortunately, when she turned eleven, she developed a tumour in her mouth, that made it impossible for her to eat, yet she never whimpered once. She is now resting forever in her favourite spot, the 10th fairway at Osprey Links. She will be truly missed by all, especially her neighbors.

Note: Bella earned a ribbon at our Annual Art Show (2020)!


Ellie is a young Border Collie who frequents Osprey Links. She likes to chase the Canada Geese off the golf course which is a welcomed task as the golfers do not enjoy dodging goose droppings. Ellie is a very happy dog who always has something trailing from her mouth and in this case you can see it’s a leaf. Her pleasant demeanour and friendly eyes are evident in this fall settling.


This composition is a reminder of our Grand European Riverboat Cruise and our opportunity to enjoy a classical Viennese concert while touring Vienna. Keeping the white of the paper for the cello strings required very careful strokes. Paying attention to the light and the shadows cast, helped to produce three dimensional results. I think I was able to capture the rich wood and belly of the cello. Vienna was one of our favourite stops along the Danube.